It is really worth contacting us, even for information that you will need to have in order to understand your real needs.

Even if all the ovens seem to be the same, they are not.

An important element to look at carefully is the heat capacity of your wood oven.

What to ask us:

That is, what is the capacity to store thermal energy!

  • Ask us to explain more, as well as what are the benefits during the operation of your wood oven!

  • Ask us, what materials is the wood oven made of, with what bricks? what material is the baking base of?

  • Ask us why we use these materials?

  • Ask us why we should avoid firebricks in wood ovens as well as firebricks

  • Ask us about the insulation of the Wood Oven, as well as the way in which we maximize its strength!

  • Ask us about the base of the baking tray; why do we have the largest in thickness base, 30 cm??

  • Ask us about the oven dome for its almost flat construction, which only a few manage to make!!

  • Ask us why we offer our ovens at such a low price? and how we do it!

And whatever else you want, we do this job with a lot of love and passion.

In the picture we show the difference in the result of baking at 430 c

in terracotta slab and in fire slab the firebrick is exactly the same for the one-piece slabs - domes that many build for reasons of convenience, with a main base of cement and with molds, not with authentic bricks baked in kilns with the traditional method!

Nicola Forni


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